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Is Apple unable – or unwilling – to fix the hardware?

They need to go to an actual 3rd party shop that doesn't care about certification. Louis Rossmann himself is not certified but he would repair it just fine if he can get the part. I have, but this one in particular just looked really fuckin weird compared to the others.

The drop itself does seem really weird too, this is probably just a re-enactment of how it actually happened. Apple might brick your device if you use first party OEM components.

Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

That's probably the idea. Nothing would make Apple's dick harder than absolutely forcing everyone to buy new stuff as often as possible.

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They already over charge for everything. They separate shit you'd expect to get with an initial purchase with extra, expensive ones. There's already planned obsolescence built into their products, of course they'd never admit it, but there's no doubt it's true.

Using the wrong capacitors on boards, intentionally slowing hardware down for "battery concerns" and so on. Apple has managed to convince people that they're special and worth the hefty price. But most of those same people are too tech-illiterate to realize they're being shit on. Playing a bit of devil's advocate here, but maybe the fact that a third party can't get the part simply because it's too early in production to start shipping out those parts?

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I mean, yeah it's been out for 4 and a half months, but it usually takes at least 6 or so before parts for most electronics I've dealt with become readily available at a moments notice, and the fact that the iMac Pro uses a unique 5K screen might have something to do with it? Take for instance the HTC Vive, a mass produced niche product, where it took almost a year before they started making controllers and link boxes and extra stuff available on their website.

You could only manually order those parts, and even then it was still tough to get, and their RMA experience was a nightmare though to be fair, this has always been the case and still is. Of course, this is a different scenario where you're talking about individual parts vs fully manufactured components with some packaging and other retail stuff involved. I dunno, I feel as though Apple should have the resources to ship out these parts on demand, but maybe they just don't have a lot of stopgaps in place yet because unlike a MacBook Pro or an iPhone, an iMac isn't something that's going to face a lot of damage or wear in average day to day use, and won't be purchased en-masse as those two are.

Also, unlike something like the HTC Vive, it's nie-on impossible to ship out to fix, which is what they'd have to do if they can't get the parts for it directly to the store. Honestly, I can see where Linus is coming from, obviously he's pissed that his 5K in price and resolution iMac is nothing more than a big space grey brick for now, and it is completely archaic that companies won't work on products that have been tampered with.

But he should also realize that his scenario, while totally possible and believable, isn't really a common one, and Apple can't be prepared for every person to immediately smash the screen of their product two months into it's release.


Popular YouTuber Says Apple Won't Fix His iMac Pro Damaged While Disassembled

I'm pretty certain the imac pro uses the same display as their 27" 5k imac. If part of your customer experience is not having parts ready once production is up thus forcing your customer to wait until you get your act together regarding parts logistics then you're terrible at customer satisfaction and your customer would have good reason to jump ship in the future.

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You could very well be right, but I had heard otherwise, no idea if there are any technical differences between the two, but usually there's enough to cause them to be incomparable with each other like the panel may be the same, but the internals of the screen might differ a bit. I don't fundamentally disagree with you, and I think that if that's something truly unacceptable to you as a consumer, you hold every right to lambaste the company and complain. But I also believe you need to take in consideration Apple's manufacturing turnaround time before you criticize them, and try to understand what you're asking them to juggle.

The idea is to make products that don't break first during normal use, then start pushing out the replacement parts after people find ways to break them. But the Apple store confirmed that they were unable to fix it because HQ wouldn't send them the parts they ordered. Our only option was to come and get it back untouched," Sebastian added. Linus goes on to compare the situation to buying a new car, driving it into a lamppost straight off the lot and then both the dealer and your insurers saying they can't fix it. What we have here is a tale in complicated bureaucracy getting in the way of consumer support.

None of Apple's employees acted with any sort of hostility, but the structure of the organisation has shown flaws in how it cares for its end users — and a definite example of what not to do. A report from Digitimes has claimed that this new iPad will have more of a focus on education and enterprise sectors.

What else did he mess up?

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Throughout the video the viewer is left with the impression the screen is the one part that needs to be replaced. Only very briefly in passing deep into the video it's mentioned that the logic board and the PSU are also fried. Any other connected components are probably suspect at well. When you break everything of value in a computer, I don't see it as particularly problematic that the repair facility cannot replace your parts, let alone certify that the rest of them won't also be messed up in some way in the future which would then go through warranty repair.

My sense is the about-face from Apple was due to discovering the damage was worse than was worth repairing. It's weird you can't just buy components off the shelf for a machine, but not that weird if its a new machine. That's the only thing I'd say could be concerning if it continues after these machines are out of warranty. The conclusion I draw from watching the video is that there's some level of misrepresentation of the facts going on. While the video tries to show an innocuous screw up, the reality is the whole machine is toast because they badly botched a repair, and is unlikely to be worth salvaging regardless.

If this were another machine, and it were done under circumstances that warranted a repair, Apple would just replace the whole machine.

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However, if you intentionally break all the valuable components in your computer, well at some point you just need to get a new one. Nick My interpretation was that the video with effects was a dramatic recreation. It may not have been in that position or plugged in when the actual damage occurred. Then Apple should just quote the price it costs to replace the broken parts, and let the device owner decide whether it's worth it to them, instead of just refusing to fix it. My screen was clearly damaged by the Apple Store during the repair process.

I mentioned this to them since there were no notes in their file about a small hole in the screen when I took it in for repair, but clearly I had one now They wouldn't budge on fixing it on their dime and the blemish was very small, so I asked about paying for a repair out of pocket Sure, Apple made some mistakes in my case, not fixing for free, quoting an absurdly high repair cost. However, to their credit, Apple still offered to make the repair, even while agreeing purchasing a replacement was more economical.

Have things really changed so much that Apple would refuse to make the repair at all????