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Before downloading your app from App Store, I missed the line in the description which said Windows VMs need a paid subscription. If I didn't, I would never download it. And it had made sense why Lite is free and Standart is not. Standart has great features that I might consider paying for but Lite has no advantage over VirtualBox.

If I remember correctly, you didn't have a Lite version at the beginning.

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This also adds to the cost of Parallels Lite. As a summary, I may consider paying for Parallels Standart because of great features but will never pay for the Lite when its equivalent software is free. The free version used to support Linux. Parallels has opted to change this to a subscription based feature in an update. I would be okay with this if the new version was a separate app i.

Instead, auto-update kicked in, I find myself in front of a screen demanding a login not previously required when I'm trying to get unversity work done on a time crunch, and I find out that the software wants to charge me going forward after a trial period. Again, my biggest issue with this is the update to an existing app--most other apps that have gone to a subscription model have a separate app store listing for their new version to avoid this problem, or permanently grandfather in old users to certain feature sets.

Parallels Desktop for Mac trial period

If parallels communicated this change at some point, they did not do so in the app any time I've been using it the last few months, and I must say I'm very disappointed. The problem came in when the application began taking up almost all of my hard drive space. Because of this, he referred me to Apple. After chatting with Apple and troubleshooting, they asked me to try a reboot and that worked.

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Second, there should be a warning about how much hard drive space you actually need to run it or strongly recommending an external drive because apparently a GB internal hard drive isn't enough. Hello L. Willis, Thank you for sharing your feedback.

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