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That said, many can get the job done. We cover both. A lot has changed since this guide was originally published in July Every Mac model has been upgraded with faster internals with some models receiving entirely new redesigns such as the MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

Most articles covering the best Macs for gaming settle with listing all the models available and conclude the obvious:. We take a slightly different approach. Our first version of this guide was created using the older Tomb Raider and GRID 2, but as Macs keep receiving updates and performance improvements, so our test games needed to be upgraded too. You just need to choose the right model. The same universal truths that apply to Windows gaming apply here too:.

For your reference, this is how we describe the different levels of performance in frames per second :. But when you take built-quality, an amazing monitor, and performance into account, the inch iMac delivers a lot of value. If this Mac can run Rise of the Tomb Raider at an impressive Running our games at More on that below. The inch iMac is the best Apple desktop for gaming, with the inch iMac coming at a close second.

But other desktop alternatives exist. Should they be completely discarded as decent gaming Macs? That should make it an ideal gaming machine, right? It goes without saying the iMac Pro is fast. It costs twice as much as a inch iMac with a Radeon Pro and runs our test games at What gives? That means a lot of the raw power the iMac Pro has to offer will be wasted on most games.

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So, is the iMac Pro good for gaming? Unless your job demands it, the iMac Pro is overkill.

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It will be significantly cheaper while offering even better gaming performance. After literally years without receiving a meaningful update, the Mac Mini seemed to be as good as dead. Apple took its time but it finally released the long-awaited New Mac Mini in late So, is the Mac Mini good for gaming? The current Mac Pro was supposed to revolutionize desktop computing. The iMac Pro was partially released to help Apple recover from that disaster and a new Mac Pro is coming… eventually. In the meantime, the current Mac Pro is overpriced and not that fast.

With So, is the Mac Pro good for gaming? For the record, a Mac Pro is a capable gaming machine. It has what it takes to run even the most demanding games.

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If you need a new Mac now, an upgraded inch iMac or iMac Pro are the way to go. Not as fast as an iMac, but more than enough for the average gamer. In fact, it has the power to comfortably run most modern games at and Medium settings. Because it offers the best value for money. The other MacBooks are more affordable but their gaming capabilities are too limited.

That said, the total price can quickly get out of hand… More on that below. So, are MacBooks good for gaming?

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Some of them certainly are. But most MacBooks only have integrated graphics and that is a problem when it comes to playing video games. You can always get a inch MacBook Pro. With an average of The inch non-touch bar version may be cheaper but it probably be updated or discontinued soon. Unless you see it on sale, you should stay away from it. So, is a inch MacBook Pro good for gaming? Performance wise, it averages only So, is a MacBook Air good for gaming?

That said, it can still handle many popular games. The inch MacBook is an impressive machine. The inch MacBook is impressive and disappointing at the same time. Its form factor, size, and weight are spectacular but its performance is mediocre. And that is obviously not good for games. So, is a MacBook good for gaming?

The inch MacBook is a very specific product made for very specific needs. But buying an eGPU enclosure and a high-end graphics card is also expensive so buying the right components is key. For the price of a base inch iMac, you can get an upgradable setup that delivers more performance.

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  • This is how much Apple’s $6,000 Mac Pro would cost as a PC.

You now have a good idea of which Mac is right for you. But what about those upgrades Apple offers?

acarixylemyc.tk You already know that some upgrades are more important than others when it comes to gaming. Benching between various tests the difference was only a few percentage points lower when using reduced power but the benefits of having both GPUs was still apparent.

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Remember, I'm not looking to see if the Mac Pro can best a modern equivalent. I'm seeing if along it's lifespan, various upgrades and updates can keep it within an acceptable performance level. So far, it seems like it can. Another issue, while gaming specifically, is that due to the relatively weak single thread capabilities of the CPUs, is that although average frame rates were decent, the fluctuation of the highest frame rates to the lowest frame rates in a single game could vary wildly causing jarring stuttering at times but not enough for me to state that the game was unplayable.

Especially considering the age of the system it was running on. If you're hard pressed and can't afford the newest system, you can STILL get by on this machine from So far I have not spent any extra cash on updating the Mac Pro. Up until I actually tried using the machine, I never even really considered upgrading the CPU or memory. However, seeing how promising the dual GPU upgrade went, I started researching the possibility of purchasing an upgraded CPU and memory. The firmware upgrade that I performed taking the system from 4,1 to 5,1 made this CPU and memory upgrade an even better proposition.

Memory wise, I could now install faster DDR3 memory. Up to GB of it if so inclined. Not only do they have faster clock speeds, but they also have more cores per chip. The system could be upgraded to 12 cores running at 3. The most amazing part is that would bring the Mac Pro on par with the Mac Pros sold up until the release of the "trash can" Mac Pro and in doing so, giving the model a run for it's money.

And it's this ability to upgrade it to Westmere that again shows that although not the fastest, not even the most efficient, but still is relevant for today's workloads. With the bulk of the cost of the machine already paid for, these incremental upgrades offer excellent cost benefit over buying a similarly or slightly better spec'd workstation.

Remember value added over time.