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Text Wrapping This area contains the messages from the old Yahoo gcmac group after the port. When I use the Text Tool to input text, the text autowraps after about 25 characters. I have resized the text box and trashed the prefs but still cannot get the text to remain on one line.

Any information on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thorsten On You may have overlooked my comment that I I did do that but I did it again anyway just to be sure. I reduced the font size and the text continued on the same line until approximately the same distance across the picture.

The application offers the ease-of-use, wealth of features, and staunch reliability that you have come to expect from our software.

Non-destructive image editing A new Cocooner editing mode allows you to make modifications to the image appearance while keeping your original image data unchanged. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of an image, crop and rotate it, save it, and then revert the image to its original state at any time in the future or continue editing it without any loss of quality.

You can also export the altered image to all of the supported formats.

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For example, if you delete or move a file or folder accidentally, or just change your mind, you can press Command-Z or choose Undo from the Edit menu to restore it. The application supports improvements in Multiple Displays, App Nap, and more. This is a feature-filled app. I had bought the app in the App Store, but discovered it had some features disabled, saying it was sandboxed.

However, when I emailed the developer, once I showed him I had purchased the app in the App Store, he graciously emailed me a link to an unsandboxed version. I was amazed at how quickly he responded.

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It also offered me many ways to edit the image before saving it to the new format. I thought all those old. Select the picture, open Picture Package and off you go. It is childishly simple and versatile. Also, it allows you to use valuable photo paper in an ideal way.

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And much moreā€¦. I have been using GraphicConverter since it was a simple program designed to change graphic file formats from one to another hense the name. That was way over a decade ago at least. One of the best features is the author, Thorsten Lemke. He replies, not someone hired to answer questions using canned responses.

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He also is open to adding features that users ask for. Once I asked if GraphicConverter could do file name manipulation like other Apple apps. Whithin hours I received an email with a link to a new beta that included those features. Having personal contact with the author of a program is invaluable. What can I say? GraphicConverter is a great program. Buy it now.


Oh, and buy it from the Lemke website so you can avoid many stupid Apple restrictions. I have been a user of Graphic Converter for many years. It is my go-to application for all graphics operations. I had the Apple Store version installed on my laptop and ran into the inexplicable restrictions Apple imposes on the App store version.

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The copy I have on my Mac Mini was downloaded directly from Lemke Software and has no such restrictions. I quickly did this and saved the file. I am an administrator on my own laptop so permissions are not an issue. I ended up copying the content to the clipboard and using Preview to the save the file.

The non-App store version has no such restriction.