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However, I can't attest to that personally. Iron Man mode is an addictive monster. What's there to say about Borderlands 2 that hasn't been said yet? The third-person shooter features a rather diverse crew of Vault Hunters, each armed with a diverse set of talents. Both the story and the environments are loud, loud, loud. Neon-colored and draped with outlandish characters, Borderlands 2, much like its predecessor, doesn't try to be a heavy game.

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Instead, it focuses on being fun and being a vehicle for obsessive-compulsve behaviour. Equipment of all shapes and sizes practically rain from the skies, along with cosmetic items to help customize your Vault Hunter. This isn't so much a game for the thinker as it is a game for people who love fun.

In direct contrast to the last recommendation, Papers, Please is practically bowled over by its own weight. As the immigrant officer, it's your duty to determine whether a new supplicant should be allowed access to your glorious country or subjected to worse weights. Things get progressively more difficult the deeper you move into the game. Decisions that seemed easy at first will eventually leave you agonizing over the morality of the situation.

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Have I mentioned a family? You're responsible for a family. Fail to bring the proverbial bacon home and you're going to get to watch them starve. Also see: Cart Life. FTL is a top-down, real-time strategy video game which puts players in control of the crew of a single aircraft. Charged with delivering vital information to allied forces, the ship must somehow find a way to survive the deadly, procedurally generated universe. There's an almost maddening amount of detail to worry about. Asteroids belts, hull breach-induced fires, hostile ships, lack of oxygen?

All there. What makes FTL even more unnerving an experience is the fact that it runs on perma-death. Just think about that.

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Gone Home is.. This first-person interactive story is focused around a girl called Kaitlin Greenbriar.


Freshly home from a yearlong trip aboard, Kaitlin discovers the family manor completely barren of people. Which is, well, a bit of a spooky start. Things progress from there. Scattered letters from Kaitlin's sister Samantha offers a voyeuristic glimpse of what went down in Kaitlin's absence. By now, you probably already know everything there needs to be known about Gone Home. But, in the interest of maintaining some sort of mystery, I'm going to stop here for fear of spoilers. Gone Home is a lovely game albeit not quite a "game" in the traditional sense of the word.

Either way, totally worth playing in my opinion. Look, you've got to know Minecraft. At this point in time, it's impossible to evade mention of Minecraft. It's in our shops, our talk shows, our memes, our other video games. You can't escape Minecraft. Minecraft is omnipresent. Like McDonalds. The voxel-based sandbox that offers you a huge amount of creative joy. There are two modes, of course.

One comes with enemies, the other unbridled amounts of freedom and no external threats. What you choose to play is, of course, up to your personal discretion. Like Don't Starve, Minecraft has benefited from a loving community. Mods are a-plenty on the Internet; a single search's more than sufficient to have you set for life. Alliteration, oh how I love thee. The sequel to Blizzard's best-selling real-time strategy game has received a mixed response from the community. Some have fully embraced the new changes that Blizzard implemented while others have evidenced longing for old-school, sci-fi war.

But regardless of which camp you fall under, one thing's clear: Starcraft II is still a great game. The campaign's purportedly pretty okay, but it is the multiplayer component which truly shines.

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Additionally, this might actually be the perfect time to take Starcraft II for a test drive as Blizzard made the Arcade free for anyone to access. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a genuine, god-damned terror. Do not play it if you lack proper bladder control. What's Your Favorite Sports Game? Now Black and Asian players can make characters that look more like themselves. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Developers are not against us. Porting games to Mac is difficult, expensive, and not even worth it finacially.

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It may not be in the devs interest to go through all the work of working on a Mac game. It is suprisingly different from Windows game development. Mac uses opengl.

Windows uses Directx. Directx is better in all ways. I highly recommend installing windows through bootcamp. I did it, and my preformance boosted x It isn't personal, it's just that it can be harder to program for Mac.

source link DirectX isn't better than OpenGL from a technical standpoint it's actually the opposite, now, and there was a semi-high-profile news piece about that involving Valve and L4D2 [www. Apple has also been unhelpful when it comes to attracting more game development to OS X, mostly caused by their very unnecessary reluctance in updating the version of OpenGL implimented in OS X. OpenGL 3. Apple has been sligthly more proactive lately, with Mavericks eventually receiving support for 4.