Best color schemer for mac

2. ColorSlurp

All color formats you will ever need! We give you the ability to not only customise the color formats that already is provided, but also create new ones. Color dock makes your palettes more available and unobtrusive than ever.

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Quickly access it without losing focus of what you are working. Avoid low-contrast color combinations between text and background colors to adhere to accessibility standards. Try Sip for Free. Color Picker A modern color picker built for designers and developers, that allows you to collect, organize and edit colors.

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Check all Color Picker Shortcuts. Editor The editor makes all the editing a powerful and pleasant experience.

Edit palettes, color names, create new palettes and colors from existing ones. Learn more about the Editor. Palettes Palettes brings you a new way to create, organize and share colors with everyone.

Spectrum — App for designing color schemes

Use it to organize anything in your life that has colors. Create and edit colors using a variety of color selection tools. Copy and import colors into ColorSlurp in any format with one click. Move the magnifier with your cursor, the arrow keys, or hold shift to slow its movement for pixel perfect precision.

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You can also hold command when picking a color to quickly choose which color format to use. Copy colors to one of the many color formats to choose from to use in your project.

Copy a color to the clipboard and paste it into ColorSlurp. This allows you to convert between formats or edit colors with ease. Collections are groups of colors.

How to change the colours in Mac OS X

You can create as many collections as you need to keep your colors organized. Quickly edit, create, or access your recent colors with ColorSlurp's powerful color editing tools. Access your recently picked colors or quickly grab a predefined color from the swatches.

Watch Video. ColorSlurp The best Mac color picker in the universe! Powerful Features to Boost Your Productivity ColorSlurp is the ultimate color productivity booster for developers or designers.