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If you are permitted to use passwordless ssh between Rivanna compute nodes, such as for ANSYS, follow the instructions for Mac and Linux but generate the key directly on a Rivanna frontend. Use a text editor to create a file called config. Place the following lines in it. MobaXterm users should see the documentation for instructions to enable KeepAlive. MobaXterm will typically detect this and ask whether you want to change the host key; you may answer yes.

Remove all lines that might refer to Rivanna. Alternatively, just delete the entire file; it will be recreated as you log in to different hosts. If you are unfamiliar with using a command line on Mac, you must. It also requires that any identify files be accessible only by the user too. While this will create the directory you will have to modify the default permissions.

Recall, the execute flag on a directory allows you to view its content. You might want to create an empty ssh config file and set appropriate permissions so that you don't have to remember how to do it later when there's some problem and you are half-asleep, drunk, and responding to a PagerDuty alert. You can save a few copy steps if you're following this guide by changing into your ssh path for the remaining steps:.

The first step to generating keys is to create the bundle using OpenSSL.

How can I generate SSH keys on Mac OS X? - Hjälpcentral - VEXXHOST, Inc.

This approach allows us to specify a few extra options when creating keys that are normally hidden by ssh-keygen :. There are a number of available ciphers but AEScbc is among the stronger options available and widely used too.

The format is also nicely encoded so that you can debug with any text editor and has the advantage of bundling the public and private key into a single file which makes them easier to move around. You can always output the public or private key from a PEM bundle that contains both. This can be specified multiple times to suplly several options. The file must not be accessible to other users on the system so set the permissions accordingly. You should also store the file and the password somewhere safe like in your password vault or on a USB drive in a safe deposit box.

When generating the key you will be prompted for a password. Make sure to use a very strong, unique, random password for this file.

Create a .ssh Directory

You won't have to type it in regularly so generate it with your password vault. In a pinch you can generate a random password using OpenSSL via: openssl rand -base64 I prefer to make the bundle read-only for my user so I never accidentally edit it or strip the password.

You'll want to be able to send the public key to other people and leave it on other computers without risking your private key. The easiest way to export your public key is using the ssh-keygen method which prints it to standard out. You can always redirect that to a file if you want to send it via email or copy it via SFTP.

When you are prompted for a password, remember that you should enter the one used when creating the bundle, not the log-in password for your computer or the remote system you are connecting to.

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Linux/Mac Tutorial: SSH Key-Based Authentication - How to SSH Without a Password

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