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If you are using a Mac device and you are unsure of which antivirus is the right one to meet your demand, this article is the right one.

Free Mac Antivirus Protection

Read on to know more about the best Antivirus programs for Mac OS in Mac OS-based systems are for the most part more secure than Windows for two reasons. Technically, macOS is a Unix-based working framework. As a Unix-based working framework macOS is sandboxed. Its a myth or misperception that Mac systems are not unhackable, but rather they are harder to misuse than Windows PCs. The second reason is that, at the present time, there are far fewer Macs than there are Windows PCs.

Less targets and these are harder to hack. To be upfront, Macs are not completely safe, the more the usability of Mac products, the more space for cybercriminals to explore their ways to infect the Mac environment with high chances of potential risks. WannaCry was quite a news in , while news broke of Petya — yet another ransomware attack- in late June.

Additionally, in June, clients were cautioned by security firms Fortinet and AlienVault that there are new variations of malware focusing on Macs subsequent to being distributed on the Dark Web. Accordingly, digital security is more vital than any time in recent memory, and a decent antivirus is all you need to remain safe.

Comodo Antivirus for Mac is an efficient security application that has been the most sought after and is considered to top the list as the best antivirus solutions for Mac OS. Users can just install-and-forget. Comodo Mac antivirus software wraps up some of the robust technical security features to perfectly cover the Mac security requirements. It is labeled as the Proactive Antivirus software to deliver degree protection to Mac computers.

AVG AntiVirus for Mac - Download

It works smartly to battle against viruses, computer worms, Trojan horses, and other types of malware and the most notorious ransomware. It also provides an antivirus solution as a day trial offer. Norton Antivirus for Mac is by Symantec.

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This is another malware protection option for Mac — Kaspersky. It works more likely to the other antiviruses from Comodo and Norton. It also offers safer-banking software, anti-spyware, with a day trial offer. One more of the best antivirus for Mac alternatives is Bitdefender Antivirus.

Top Best Antivirus for Mac 12222 (Updated List)

Trend Micro works well to identify There is, nonetheless, a day trial with a money back offer. After downloading this free antivirus for macOS Avira sports a highly intuitive user interface. It comes with a host of security functions, including parental control over web contents and installed games, and a scanner for USB storage devices. Free Download Avira. By offering a formidable malware protection and using relatively minimal CPU energy and space, the Norton antivirus has indisputably secured its place among the best antivirus for macOS In addition to being certified by an independent testing lab, this product has also won a number of awards.

Free Download Norton. This is another all-rounder antivirus software that comes with a user-friendly interface, a smooth and highly efficient scanner, and a wide range of security functions. With its extension for widely used web browsers, it provides maximum protection against malicious and questionable sites. It also comes with settings for monitoring the viruses both in real-time and scheduled times. Free Download Bitdefender. This app gives users complete control over virus infestations.

Its anti-virus scanner is quick and incisive. And after scanning for viruses, it puts up a list of identified viruses so that the user can make a decision on them. While the software cannot be set to run real-time background virus scanning, its on-demand scanning function is reliable enough to root out any virus in the system any time it is activated. Free Download Antivirus Zap. By offering an impressive range of security features at a relatively lower price, this antivirus product offers you the best bang for your bucks.

macOS Features

As one of the best macOS Among its list of impressive features are the advanced firewall protection, protection from phishing and malicious web pages, and a speedy scanner. In addition to offering airtight antivirus protection, this product comes with tools for clearing out junk files and managing app extensions. Its system decluttering tools can be used to remove junk files, caches, redundant app files, and trashed files.

Free Download MacClean. Get from App Store. Get it on Google Play. Tech Specs. Free Trial. Buy Now.

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