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Etisalat should get the message! As from my own personal experience, I have not been successful in connecting for even a single minute into Skype. I will just continue to hope that oneday, the people here in Dubai, UAE myself included will enjoy what the other people from the rest of the world, are enjoying… That is this Skype-hype. What are they? Followed everything you said… everything downloaded and installed properly, but Skype is still not connecting.

Any suggestions?

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Ive been trying to sign on to Skype. I am currently using the DUbai internet city Internet. Please advice me what to do. I switched to the last version 2. Sorry, I also followed all steps, and no luck…. I have also installed an older version as suggested in another chat, and this also made no difference….

Seriously, any help much appreciated, willing to try anything out…. Dubai today. Connected first time with very broken and delayed voice quality unusable , Skype showed my location as Canada so I guess it used a node in that country. Has failed to connect since. Any other solutions out there? For DIC.. Did all the suggested steps with the understanding as per the above link, successful to login into skype server, could see my my online friends, yet still could not make the call. Using latest version of skype 2. First of all thanks for taking the time to write this blog and help us desperate dubaians out.

The wierd thing is that when I restarted my computer, Skype connected, while Tor remained signed out and I never opened Free Cap. I might be an ameteur, but basically I just copied and pasted the line you suggested to add and put it at the bottom of the notepad file. For usage, try -h.

Skype 2. Downloading the new version of Skype will not solve the problem. Etisalat has figured out a way to block the logon process of Skype. Unless Skype changes its logon protocols, which will not happen anytime soon and especially not just for its UAE members, it will continue to be blocked. The above method is the only method I know of that will get it to work in the UAE. It is impossible for them to block this method with the knowledge that is currently available.

However in the future you never know. We all thought Skype could not be blocked to begin with. Thank you for the information given above. I mentioned earlier in the comments about adding a line to your torrc file. Anyone have a clue? Seems to support Skype to Skype voice and video fairly well but tends to drop the connection freqently. I suspect this is an issue of maintaining sufficient bandwidth.

Saracen, I followed your instructions; they were quite clear. I have skype 2. Looks like client functionality is working. Did install all above mentioned but now my computer freezes after 10 minutes. Is anyone thinking of MacOS users? Normally I have less problems like Windows user, but this block of skype is putting me down! It worked just fine for me, without the PC freezing or hanging. Keep up the good work… and more power.

I am able to access blocked web sites via IE but cannot get skype to work yet. This is frustrating!!!!

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I followed again the same instructions and was able to access blocked sites but Skype was not connecting. I tried them again and they work. It is very important to keep trying to log in to skype as it may take a few attempts to connect. Thanks a lot FRF! There you have it Etisalat! Actually talking to them right now, while I am typing this. And we even see each other via the Skype Video. Connecting to Skype network sometimes takes about a minute or so. But once connected, another patience is needed. Coz upon trying to call connect to one of your contacts, it searches first for available proxy.

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And when it sees an available, it starts dialling or calling the other party. I thought that I would never have to use Skype again here in Dubai.

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But I was wrong…. BTW: my 1st connection took about 35mins before it was cut. Hey guys, anyone have any idea about getting the skype working on a Mac? Any help? Hope you continue to connect to Skype. Have loaded all the programmes. I can get onto Skype but cannot log on. It keeps on trying to connect and then returns to the offline symbol.

How To Unblock Skype In Oman

When people do a search for me, it says user not found, and vice versa. Any thoughts on how to actually log on? I did the same procedure, but it is not working Could you pls tell me which proxy name and port No I have to give. I am in Abu Dhabi using etisalat dial up connection. Error: You may be behind a firewall. Came across this site which purports to give an alternative route to connect to Skype. Wowwwwwwww…skype is back again…its working fine with the above method…thanks a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt dude….

My Skype started to work again on the 17th of September and has been working ever since. I have a no clue why it is working and therefore I feel sorry that I cannot help you guys. Cheers, Ivo. I arrived in Dubai yesterday morning and spent most of the day trying to get Skype working. Thanks Etisalat…. Excellent Job, although it took some time to log in but works fine there after.

Thanks once again, and hope your valuable service will be available in future. This is because mobile crunchy have negotiated a discount, so have a look at their site. Pretty good explanation of the software too. As mentioned above takes about 10 min.

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The result is an encrypted tunnel which is also useful if you are mobile and log on via many WiFi hot spots which are not very secure. Seems like good value for money to me. Thanks for the info and helping towards a free world. Du the second ISP is blocking Skype on the voice level. It means you cannot do skype-to-skype call. However chat works fine. From some places skype does not log in. If you are using os X remember to show Vidalia where the Tor application is located.

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Also restart the machine before you try to run it. Click Apply Now! Launch Vidalia, tell it to launch Tor! And to correct slightly my above instructions the SOCKS host should be directed to port , not , like the others. I have been using this for some time now, it allows me to get onto Skype as well as things like the national lottery in the UK.