Portal 2 keeps crashing mac

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The next step is to re-install the graphics driver of your computer. This is what often causes a lot of problems with the likes of Portal 2, mainly because of the way in which the graphics of this game are so advanced.

This will get rid of the potentially corrupted graphics driver, that will often prevent the likes of Portal 2 from working correctly. Another important point here is that you should also close any other programs you have running when you try and use Portal 2. The problem for a lot of people is that they will continually try and play the Portal application with the likes of an Internet Browser, music or some other form of software running in the background.

This will prevent any of the problems that can lead Crysis 2 to crash to many times. To fix this, you should look to use a registry cleaner application to clean out any of the errors that the registry will have inside. Tags: cure fix game Portal 2 repair. It just stuck on the loading bar.

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Luckily, I found ways to replace it back the dylib from another machine and I can log back in. Vector Magic still not work tho. Any help? This happens if you delete libBLAS. When making the backup, holding alt makes sure that the existing is not moved. This also means that if you need to recover for any reason, you can boot into Single User Mode and mv the backup on top of the replacement.

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Any step that I missed? If anyone else has this problem, a verbose boot log would be helpful in diagnosing exactly what causes this. It worked now! I used libBLAS. Is it okay to use the modified libBLAS. Will it be a problem?

Thank you by the way. Paste the downloaded libBLAS. Follow step 1 by disabling System Integrity Protection. Full details are available in the link provided in step 1. Okay i just check the libBLAS. It works like a charm. Thanks mate. This is somehow not working for me. I copied the link above from the new solution and receive this in my Terminal. I am running High Sierra. Background on the problem. New solution: replace the dylib in Vector Magic. Original solution for El Capitan and prior: replacing the system dylib. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thank you Mr Jonny Heald.

You friggin heaven sent angel.

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Aug 7, PM. Same here! This is weird! Nothing changed on my computer as far as I remember. I left the game yesterday, came back a few hours later and since then it's not working anymore. Like you main menu loads okay but I cannot load a level. I uninstalled and reinstalled Steam: did not help. I uninstalled and reinstalled Portal 2: did not help.

First time trying steam and buying a game then cant play.

Murphys law! The menu loads but it crashes while loading the first level. Last night I installed Portal 2 on Boot Camp.

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The game loaded fine, I played for a couple of minutes then saved my progress. Back in Mountain Lion I started the game and loaded the new saved game slot. The level loaded fine!

Why iMovie Keeps Crashing

Maybe Valve fixed a the problem last night. Maybe it'll crash at the next save I only played for few minutes just to test it? Very strange. Aug 8, AM. Aug 8, AM in response to joshu In response to joshu. Correction to your post: "Valve" needs to release a software Update so that Portal 2 will be compatible with Mountain Lion. It is Not the other way around. Update to my last "it's working again" post - it's not!

Worked last night, now back to crashing again.

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Seems there was an update a day or too ago that's causing all sorts of problems.