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To use svn from XCode If you are upgrading from XCode 4 and had it set up for svn, then there should be nothing that you have to do. Otherwise, do the following:. Version control should now work from XCode like always, but you should check that subversion is enabled:. Search for "global-ignores" and edit as needed.

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Mine looks like this:. This keeps me from adding, for example, the 'build' folders to the repository by accident Also, I had a case on one machine where I couldn't commit from XCode until I had committed one file via the command line.

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After that the username and password were cached and it worked from XCode. To relocate from the old repository to the new one:.

The new repository machine is orca. The old repository at Switching over to the new location is easy and you basically have two options. Note that if you are a developer and have un-committed changes, you will want to use option 2. We hope you find value in your free CloudForge account, should you choose that option, but once you create the account you are not required to use it. GitEye will work with any Git repository or server. The launcher for GitEye will typically find Java automatically, but if it cannot, or you need to control the specific JRE that it uses, you can edit the giteye.

If you want to use the bit version of GitEye, you can simply edit the giteye. If you are on OSX To run the app, simply right-click on the launcher and click Open. This will present you with a dialog that allows you to confirm you want to run the application even though it has not been digitally signed with an Apple Developer certificate. You only need to do this the first time you run the application.

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GitEye stores settings and preferences etc. The name of this folder is ". You can remove this folder if you want to clean out all settings and start "fresh". If you have a team of co-workers that all want to use GitEye, you do not all need to signup for CloudForge.

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One of you can create the free CloudForge account, and you can then add the other users on your team from within CloudForge. Each team member then just needs to connect GitEye to the CloudForge account you created for them and you can all collaborate on the same projects hosted in CloudForge. Grant of License.

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Download the Software; b. Copy the Software for internal use only; and c.

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Modify the Software and redistribute it internally only, unless otherwise set forth in a Third Party License. This license will remain in effect so long as You are not in breach of this License Agreement. Third Party Programs. CollabNet may distribute third party software programs with the Software that are not part of the Software. Such license terms either accompany the third party software programs or can be found in the download or source code files.

If You do not agree to abide by the applicable Third Party License terms for the third party software programs, then You should not install them. Limitations on Use. Except as permitted in an applicable Third Party License, You agree not to: a rent, lease, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or distribute the Software, b remove or obscure CollabNet proprietary notices, c reverse engineer, translate, decompile or disassemble the Software, or d defeat or circumvent or attempt to defeat or circumvent any technological restrictions imposed by CollabNet.

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You may be denied use of the Software for any violation of this Section 3. CollabNet may terminate the Software license provided for in this Agreement immediately upon written notice to You of Your breach of the Agreement. Should this license be terminated by CollabNet for any reason, upon termination You agree to cease all use of the Software and to delete the Software from all of Your internal systems.

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You recognize and agree that the Software will at all times remain the property of CollabNet or its licensors and that the Software is protected by trade secret, copyright and other intellectual property laws. You acknowledge that You do not acquire any rights in the Software, express or implied, other than those specified in this Agreement.