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The software from Dell only have hardware calibration in the windows version. The mac version is basicly the i1 pro software with a Dell logo. I have the UH rev1 with it's flaky usb, so the usb ports on the display only works every blue moon. I don't think I ever made any ICC profiles to remove since installing the monitor but the process of using the calibration software that came with it was quite easy and quick. Hi guys I'm an amateur landscape photographer. I am planning on buying either the U or Uh as they support wide-gamut and within my price range.

What is your opinion about these monitors? Are they pretty accurate from monitor to print with calibration. Thanks in advance! They are OK monitors and the color is accurate, but the panel is not much homogeneous, lets hope the new models have fixed the 'Uniformity Compensation'. See http: Both those monitors are just fine for everyday use.

I personally use the U, and have found it to be great for all intents and purposes. Just pick your size and enjoy the beautiful colour rendition you'll get compared to a standard monitor. Going beyond this as a hobbyist is overkill unless you're really in it to ensure every dot of your prints look exactly as they do on the monitor. Hi thanks for the article. I have a Dell u using win 7 and a i1 display pro.

Re: Monitor calibration using Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution software

Its connected with hdmi. How can u be sure if its working at the highest bit rate that the monitor can work at. Its not the newest graphic card and it doesnt have a dvi port. Best regrads Kristian. Kristian, in order to get the 10 bit per channel workflow going, you will need the invest in an nVidia Quadro video card.

Getting the Quardro would give you smoother gradients and access to more colours, but only through certain applications like Photoshop CS6 and later. Thanks Dylan. Any advice about finding out what nVidea quadro video card to buy,. Where you get best value for the money. It looks like a jungle! Im a photographystudent, so im not rich.: No first hand advice here, unfortunately. I still use the standard 8 bit loop. Contacting nVidia directly may lead to a more in depth result.

I'm not sure as a student why you'd be looking to invest in this? The greatest benefit to be had by working completely in 10bit will be seen by getting into higher end monitors like the Eizo models, which are natively 10 bit. Its because im planning to build my own computer.

Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Software (DUCCS) for UP2516D and UP2716D

So im trying to figure out what hardware to go for. Yes maybe its overkill with a 10 30 bit workflow. But i found this page where they also recommend nVidia quadro videocard because the drivers are more stable than ati. This question is the perfect example, a question where no one can hope to rake in ten points in two minutes with a copy-paste answer.

It's hard to believe that there isn't a single one hundred thousand point guru knowing enough about high end displays to chime in. But that's the way things are, and this is one reason why a lot of guys from the old bunch don't bother to come here anymore. I solved my problem very simply: I cancelled my order. Exit Dell. Dell has no decent Mac support for anything including its monitors. Calibrating a Dell U monitor on a Mac is a mess… if at all possible.

Simple advice: Never buy a Dell monitor. Invest just a bit more money just a bit, not much and buy a Mac-friendly high end display. I'm talking here about 27 in or 30 in, in x or x resolution. There are several of them. NEC displays are a good example. The NEC PAW may seem a bit expensive for a 27 in, but it comes with its own colorimeter, and this brings the price back in line with an equivalent Dell monitor.

Dell UP3216Q Monitor and Xrite i1 Display Pro which is better software?

Those are not Mac-unfriendly monitors, contrary to Dell. Aug 10, 6: One thing which separates this screen from many mainstream monitors, including the previous Dell 30" offerings, is the support for hardware calibration. Users can program the monitors bit Look Up Table LUT if they have the appropriate software and hardware to achieve higher levels of accuracy, something which professional users require and one of the reasons why pro-grade screens from NEC and Eizo have always been popular in such markets.

The software part of is easy, Dell provide their own free "Color Calibration Solution" software which is available to download from Dell. This is a piece of software made for Dell by X-rite and allows the user to access the hardware LUT to calibrate the screen in two available modes. Currently the latest version is v 1. There is also now a Mac OS version available here. These versions should work with all the hardware calibration supporting UltraSharp models, despite the download page only listing the UPQ and UPQ.

The second part is not so easy however as you require a compatible calibration tool to work with this software and allow hardware calibration. Never looked but this suggests it's a spectrometer.

Monitor calibration using Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution software

Excellent calibration involves no more than a couple of patches Argyll style having delt E values of marginally over 1. Looks like your monitor will achieve that easily with a software calibration. Your colorimeter may verify with colour patches but from what I have seen that's unusual other than at the dear end. That software I mentioned can calibrate both printers and cameras but there isn't currently a graphical interface for those facilities so has to be done in a terminal.

Not difficult. It does it by calibrating a scanner. There is a link on it's site to a supplier of colour cards that are a small step away from ones that are individually measured.

Dell Ultrasharp Calibration Solution для UPQ, выпуск OS X. | Сведения о драйвере | Dell Россия

For this sort of thing it's important that the cards are fresh. It handles printers by using a scan of the card to calibrate the scanner and then scans a print. There isn't a specific forum just a mailing list. That should clear up any chance of problems with specific paper types. It's worth donating to the site. He uses the donations to buy kit and make sure it's compatible with his software.

The gain the software offers for monitor calibration is that it's more thorough than the stuff that even comes with high end spectrometers.

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It also does verification of profiles in a sensible fashion. Loads of test colours. Must admit I am disappointed in Dell now. They come out pretty faithfully without calibration. Paper is a problem on the one I have though - thin Xerox is the only answer and even that may jam. I used matte too so my wife doesn't like them as all photo's should be glossy. I'd guess TV's will sort out 10bit panels at some point but may be not. They might sort out the gamut too.

That I feel is more likely. These days consistent standards in that area is important. All times are GMT. Page last updated at